Product Review – Glow-In-The-Dark Stars Wall Stickers by Liderstar

#GlosInTheDark available at

You get a lot of  different sizes planets and a moon, plus fast and free shipping with Prime.  I ordered this as a gift for a child’s bedroom. I loved the idea of a starry night indoors, so I was happy to get this set of glow in the dark star wall stickers by linderstar.

You’ll notice in the photos there is an extra clear shield/wrap on the front of the stars – you could either leave this on, or peel it off. We found it made no difference in how the stars glowed. It’s just an extra shield of protection on the star, a shiny finish is under the wrap. The backing of course has an adhesive quality to it – it’s best to use your fingernail to ‘flick’ it away at one corner, then peel the rest off. I held it over a light bulb for (literally) one second, then I wanted to test it before sticking it to anything. So having just held it in my hand for a few minutes in our dining room (no extra ‘charging’ was needed), I took it into my garage (where it’s totally dark/no windows). It glowed brightly and immediately. Great idea for star-lovers of any age.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest & unbiased review. 100% of the opinions I give are my honest opinions and are NOT influenced by anything other than the functionality, price and actual use of this product. I hope this reviews is helpful to others contemplating a purchase.

Have questions or comments? Please leave a comment under my review and I’ll try to respond and help where I can.


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