Product Review -Large 100% Clear Window Bird Feeder – Made Of High

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My kids and I just love watching the birds in our garden, but we’re surrounded by trees and we have a real problem with Squirrels and it was the “Squirrel Proof” claim that first attracted me to this bird feeder from red Earth Naturals.

I hadn’t thought about a Window Bird Feeder before and thought the birds would be afraid to feed so close to the window, but I was wrong. Within an hour of fixing it to the window we had a little robin feeding away, quickly followed by a couple of blue tits and now the boys just love sitting at the window watching and trying to guess which birds will come next.

The feeder is so easy to stick on the window, very easy to fill and clean, plus the little water dish is a real bonus and something I haven’t seen anywhere else and most of all, the squirrels can’t get near it in the centre of our large window.

I’m so glad I found this Bird Feeder and we’re looking forward to the cold winter days when we can watch the birds up really close, from the warmth and comfort of our armchairs. I would certainly recommend this to all bird lovers and it gets a double “thumbs up” from my grandsons.

As a full disclosure, I did received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for leaving an honest and unbiased review. The thoughts and feelings expressed above are my own from my own experience.

This Bird Feeder is a real winner




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