Product Review – Large Insulated Lunch Bag

#Sacko available at

Been using this for about 2 weeks now and I’ve gotta say that this lunch bag is awesome!!!

Pros :
– There’s enough room in this thing to fit all of your lunch and snacks (as long as you’re eating for one 🙂
– 2 slots on the side for 2 drinks (kinda wish the net was a little higher though because I bring my thermal mug and it’s too tall)
– Has 2 compartments (one for food and one for utensils)
– Even the utensil compartment is insulated (more snacks and chocolates!!!)
– Handle on top of the bag and shoulder sling for whichever way you want to carry your food
– 2 zippers for the main compartment (I guess if one breaks, you’ll be able to use the other one)

– The netting on the side is great for soda and water bottle but not for 20oz bottles (the bottle will tip over. most people wont have this problem though. so this is only a con for a small amount of people)

Can’t think of any other cons for this product and the con I listed would probably only apply to people who bring big thermal mugs of coffee to work.
I’ve pretty much stopped using my previous lunch bag because my last bag didn’t have any holders for soda and water. Didn’t know how useful having a net to hold some drinks would really come in handy!!! I received this product at a reduced cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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