Product Review – Pentex Ultra-Photography Photo Camera Cleaning Pen

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If you haven’t used a lens pen, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised — it works well. The description doesn’t make it very clear that this product has TWO different cleaning tools, one at each end. The brush, which retracts, is to take off dust particles. Hidden in the other end is a soft pad with a cleaning agent to remove fingerprints and more serious dirt, hopefully without damaging the anti-reflection coating on your lens.

One more thought: another reviewer mentioned cleaning his lens daily with this product. That’s not such a great idea. Camera lenses, and especially their anti-reflection coatings, are quite fragile. The more often you clean your lens, the more likely you’ll damage the coating, or even scratch the lens due to a small dirt particle on the cleaning pad (likewise, NEVER clean a lens with bathroom tissues, since they contain tiny, hard wood chips).

The fact is, a moderate amount of dust and dirt on your lens does NOT affect the pictures you take, since anything that close to the lens is so out of focus.

I received a discount on the purchase price of this item to evaluate it and give my honest unbiased opinion and review for other Amazon shoppers. I hope my review will help other shoppers make better, and more informed decisions about their purchases.
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