Product Review – Silicone Steamer and 2 Multipurpose Oven Mitts Set

#EasyVeggieSteamer available at

This is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a steamer.

The silicone material withstands heat, fits easier into my pan, light and very easy to store. I have so many cooking utensils with limited storage space. I was very happy that this steamer took up less space than my original metal one, and the handles don’t heat up. The handles were very versatile for me, I was able to loop them around the pan handles to keep the items I wanted to steam from resting right on the foods below.

It was much easier to wash than my metal one is. I can put it in the dishwasher, confident that it will dry completely. My metal one always retained water in the small crevices and I was always worried about contamination. It also did not leave any sort of metallic taste on my food.

I am very happy with this steamer. I would not hesitate to recommend this item to any of my friends or family.

As an avid online shopper, I know and understand the true value of an honest review. I, myself, depend on reviews when making my own decisions regarding any purchases.

I received this item at a promotional discount price for the purpose of evaluation in order to form my own honest and unbiased opinion and review. I am in no way connected or related to the seller.


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