Product Review – Sound Intone I20 Kids Headphones(Black Red)

#kidsheadphones available at

I love headphones. I use them when working out walking the dog. Heck to cleaning. Theses headphones are super cool they fold for easy storage. They do come in several different colors such as blue, green, purple, white, yellow and pink. I got the pink. They block out noise really well. Also they adjust to fit any size head. Theses are great for kids or adults.
One thing that really sold me on theses headphones is the microphone. You can use theses to talk via phone. I love that when doing dishes or cleaning my mom loves to talk on the phone well after a while it gets very tiring to hold it to my ear. Normally i use my bluetooth but now i can use the headphones. It comes with the cord you need. I like theses type of headphones as they don’t hurt my ears like the buds do. There is enough padding to wear for long periods of time. It has a 3.5 jack so it will fit into anything that has a jack. I was really blown away with the sound coming out of theses headphones they were clear and not fuzzy like some i have had in the past. Theses are on amazon and priced very well. I feel like i will get a lot of use out of theses. I like to keep the wire wrapped up i hate having a super long wire.

I did get theses for discounted rate in exchange for a unbiased review.


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