Product Review – Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Filter

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I like/love this, I have made at least 10 cups of coffee with this in the last week and it works really, really well. It is very forgiving in my grind as I don’t always remember to reset the grind on either my hand grinder or automatic grinder. Even if the grind is a little too fine, it still drains really well and at least for me has never stopped up.

I was surprised at first how quickly it drained, and thought the coffee would be weak…boy was I wrong! My coffee came out tasting wonderful, totally full of flavor while keeping the flavorful oils in tact. I usually use about 15-17 grams[3 tablespoons of unground beans] of coffee to 200 grams of water when making my coffee[for those that care].

I have not had an issue of the grounds sticking or slowing down at all during brewing. After I am done, right away I scoop out the grounds and run hot water on it, from the OUTSIDE of the cone first. That flushes most of the grounds and oils out very quickly through the fine mesh. I have not used any soap at all yet and it looks brand new. However, if you leave it for a period of time without cleaning it that would cause issues.

[On another note, I also find it super easy to quickly put another mug under after my first brew and run another 200 grams of water through the same grounds and it still tastes pretty darn good.]

Over all, I am really happy with this pour over cone.  I received this product for free in exchange for an unbiased review. I have to say you will not be disappointed. This is my new go to coffee brewer.

I reviewed this item at reduced price in exchange for my honest review. If you have any questions please fire away- thank you for reading my review.


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