Product Review – Leather band #watch

#watch available at

Not a terrible looking watch, and so far keeps time very well.   I replaced the brown band with a shiny black band from another watch, and made it look a little better.

I cannot find anything wrong with the watch’s functionality, and I like the plain dial and its simple hour markers.  BUT, the overall diameter of the watch (approx 40 mm wide = about 1.4 inches) is too wide for me.  Otherwise, it’s a great deal.

A bonus was that it came in earlier than expected and when it came in it was ticking. You can tell that its very cheaply made and has a piece of dust under the glass but its very little and unrecognizable. Its made out of fake leather and I feel that it wont last me more than a year of use, but that’s what you should expect when buying such a cheap watch. Overall I’m happy with this purchase.

I received this item at a reduced price for my honest review.


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