Product Review – TSA Lock 3 Digit Combination Padlock

#lock available at

These TSA approved locks are of a high-quality construction of solid metal construction. The flexible steel coated cable is strong, but flexible, and easy to maneuver. They are a nice size- easy to use, but not too large or small, even if you have some arthritis, like I do. I can still operate them. And you do not have to set to combination to lock it, which is really important in a luggage check. The sleek design includes rounded off corners which won’t get hung up on other nearby objects. The combinations are re-settable and this is easily done, but only to the owner.
There are so many places I will be able to use these locks, that it’s hard to pick just two: Gym bag, YMCA locker, laptop bag, even an unlocked access panel at my home… the list goes on. This is a great item for any family to keep on hand, since they can be re-set and used in many ways. I think these could be a” must have” for any school student, for book bags are left out when there isn’t a locker available. There are so many waterparks, amusement parks, camp grounds etc. which offer lockers for visitors- great to have on hand for a summer vacation!
I received this item at a reduced price for my honest review. I think it is a great, quality-made product which is very reasonably priced. I don’t review products that I don’t intend to use myself. I’m going to enjoy using these great combo locks, and I hope you will, too! Happy shopping!

Small, Sturdy and Secure!


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