Product Review – Car Removal Tool

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These are the first trim panel tools I’ve used. In the past, I made do with a putty knife wrapped in electrical tape. These trim removal tools make the job so much easier, I wish I had bought a set years ago. They made removing the trim to replace my factory radio so easy I want to do some more. One of them works well to remove the snapped-in electrical connections on the back of a radio, too. You just depress the release catch on the connector with your finger, and use the tool to apply gentle upward pressure to the ridge on the side of the connector. Removing the connectors can be a hassle, but with the tool it was as easy as removing the trim. The tools are plenty strong enough; the key is to pry in the correct location to release the snap fittings on panels. If you have to pry hard enough to break one of these tools, you’re probably not prying in the correct location. The smooth nylon these are made of helps prevent the tool from sticking on the panels, and makes scratching your expensive trim pieces less likely. Ditch the putty knife and get a set of these!

– I received this product in exchange for an honest review.


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