Product Review – Sound Intone HD30 Lightweight Foldable #Headphones with Microphone(Rose)

#headphones available at

What you’re getting with this order:
(1) pair HD30 headphones

What these are: A pair of wired headphones compatible with any device with a 3.5mm jack. An inline mic with a couple of remote functions is present. As of the posting of this review, these headphones are being offered at the lower end of the budget price point.

Ok, the most important thing to realize about these is that they’re quite cheap and yet they deliver a very impressive sound for the budget price point. So, why are they so inexpensive? It seems to me that they’ve invested in the speakers, and saved costs on the build. I’ve tested these pretty thoroughly and have the following observations to share:

As far as sound quality is concerned – these headphones are great. Audio that comes through is clear and precise. There is no sound distortion even on audio with heavy bass. Volume does not effect the sound quality – which I thought was impressive

Over all we have really enjoyed our experience with this product. Sturdy, affordable and dependable the Sound Intones far exceeded our expectations in regards to quality. These are definitely a great option for gifting too – especially for teens – because if something does happen to them they can easily be replaced without breaking the bank. I would definitely recommend them! I plan on buying myself a pretty purple set so I can quit stealing the pair I ordered for my hubby, He doesn’t like to share!!

I received these headphones free for the purpose of review. I’m hoping that my observations and impressions prove helpful to you in your decision making. If you have questions, feel free to post them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer based on my own experience with the headphones.


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