Product Review – 4-Piece Long-Handled Gardening Tool Set

#Gardenset1 available at

I love this 4 piece garden set. Especially the transplanter tool. I always have to guess how many inches I am in the ground when transplanting my bulbs, but with the transplanter tool it is clearly marked on the trowel. This set is polished aluminum and rust proof. The handles are extra soft and very easy to hang onto. This set includes the transplanter tool, Trowel and cultivator hand rake. Everything you need to plant or transplant your outdoor periennals. They are very sturdy and built to last a long time. They won’t bend or break when using. When I first opened the package I thought they were going to be heavy to use, but actually are very lightweight. The transplanter and the trowel have a point on the end making it easy to dig into the dirt. If you are an outdoor gardener this is the set for you. Highly recommended.

Thank you for allowing me to review your product at a discounted price for my unbiased review.  I have received no further compensation for my positive rating.



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