Product Review -Night Provision™ BX-960 LED Bike Light USB

Night Provision #BX960 LED Bike Light USB available at

This is a favorite in my house.  The light is strong and spreads out so that when she is out walking she can see all around the ground as well as in front of her. I was very pleased with how effective it is, and I’ve never seen a LED this bright. I read a review that said that the light loosens, but I think there must be something wrong with that one, mine does not loosen. It makes a ratcheting noise when I move it left to right and clicks gently into place. There is no way it could shift. Also, this is made of a very sturdy material.

The light came fully charged and it gets quite a bit of use every day. The beam is so strong it is like a mega sized laser pointer to him.  I have not had to charge it yet and I’ve had it a month. I’ve also dropped it several times, and it just keeps on working. It is sitting her on my desk as I type this because I took it off to play with the cat again today.

The light has four modes, three brightness and two flashing, one fast and one slow. The one caution I have is to be careful with the tightening screw assembly nut. It can screw all the way off so you need to make sure it is always nice and tight, so that it does not fall off and become lost.
I use Amazon reviews to help me determine what I will buy, so even though I got a discount on this product for my honest opinion, I make sure I tell it like it is. This one is a winner!

Please note I have no relationship with this seller and I’m not compensated in any way for my review. I did receive this at a discount in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I take my reviews serious and will only provide my true feedback. Thank you!


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