Product Review – Microbead #Travel Pillow with Soft Jersey Cotton Co

#travel pillow available at

My husband and I bought slightly more expensive inflatable travel pillows a couple years ago and were only able to use them a handful of times before they began demonstrating the fascinating process of slowly deflating during use – super hilarious when you’re desperate for sleep on a cramped six hour flight, and you’re jolted awake by the realization that your chin is on your chest and you’re wearing a flaccid piece of plastic around your neck. We tried sealing the holes we could find but there were always more somehow. That’s pretty dumb.

So I wasn’t expecting much when I got this pillow for a cross country flight. And how wrong I was to doubt the magic of a product that proclaims itself THE best travel pillow. This thing is awesome. It actually doesn’t take up much more space than my previous travel pillow when it’s packed into its little bag, but it’s way more comfortable. If I can sleep through the very cute baby sitting next to me kicking me for a solid hour, it’s an awesome pillow. I can’t believe I’m writing a review about this thing, but when such a seemingly ridiculous item actually makes traveling less painful (although it can’t give you snacks or check your bags for free), it’s worth telling everyone they should get one if they have to be trapped in a horribly uncomfortable seat for longer than 10 minutes.

– I received this product in exchange for an honest review.



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