Product Review – Car Trunk Organizer by Starling’s

Car Trunk Organizer by Starling’s  available at  #promotion

Very soon, my husband and I are taking an extended trip across the country in our Hyundai Santa Fe. I have been doing my best to maximize and organize the limited space in our small SUV. I spent a good long while looking for a trunk organizer to put in the back seat for easy access. This one is 1) the perfect size 2) attractive 3 )very well designed 4) sturdy 5) perfect!

The removable hard bottom panels, and the enforced side and end panels give it extra sturdiness. The construction allows for a bit of leeway on the sides to allow some overstuffing, and still keep its integrity as a firm, upright container. And when the rigid panels are removed from the bottom, this baby folds up flat. How convenient for storing when not in use!

The well-sewn handles on both ends allow this unit to be packed and then picked up and moved with ease. I’ve attached a picture of it all packed and ready to be put in the back seat of our vehicle. It holds everything I needed it to. One section is filled with all of our road atlases, travel books and maps, and a large 3-ring itinerary notebook; The other section has supplies, paper products, litter bag liners, wet ones, picnic blanket, collapsible bucket, first aid kit, a big roll of duct tape (of course!) and more… with room to spare. The end pocket has a variety of small emergency supplies.

Disclaimer I purchased this product at a reduced cost in exchange for my honest review but Overall, EXTREMELY happy with the product!!


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