Product Review – Handmade 6 x 4 inches NoteBook Soft Fabric Cover

Handmade 6 x 4 inches NoteBook Soft Fabric Cover  available at  –  #SamutNote

I love the feel of writing on a book than using a computer or tablet.  So I always keep a journal with me to write my thoughts even while traveling This medium-sized journal is ideal for carrying around in my bag.  This features a classic blue leather-bound hard cover with 320 pages and a satin ribbon marker. The binding opens flat and it is well bound. The hardcover is thick and rigid. There is an embossed logo on the front cover. It has a slightly extended cover edge and the corners are rounded.

The first and the last page is plain and the inner pages are ruled. I like the smoothness of the paper and it is very easy to write on.The pages are creamy white in color. The thickness of the paper avoids the bleeding of ink through the pages. The pages give plenty of room to write my notes,stories and thoughts. This book is not bulky nor too heavy. The ruling is bit wide with a width of 0.4 inches. The lines on the paper are very fine. The narrow margin and the smaller header-footer avoids wastage of paper.

The entire design is plain and simple.  The sophisticated look of this journal makes it perfect for professional use.  I highly recommend this hardcover journal to anyone who loves to keep a journal.   I received this notebook journal at a discounted price for an unbiased review.



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