Product Review – Hanging Rain Catcher

Hanging Rain Catcher from #LoveParkProducts availabe at

This was definitely a special treat for my daughter she is 8 years old. She likes the sound of the rain but often gets scared when it hits her on her face alot because she can’t see it. This was an excellent and beautiful way for me to let her see and feel the rain while being outside without being overwhelmed. It hangs really far down 6 feet so it was long enough for her to reach easy and high enough to make it so pretty for all of us to enjoy.
When it rained which it had been doing pretty often lately. It rolled off the awning right into the first bell and as it filled it poured into the next. It was such a pretty dance of rain drops down from one to the next it’s all very beautiful. I wanted to take a video but I was spending to much time enjoying the sensory exploration with my little one. She was able to hear the rain and stand under the awning and feel it flow from one bell to the next letting it run over her hands comfortably. It is such a nice rain catcher I love the way it looks and works. Its very well made and sturdy and something that is beautiful rain or shine. I am so glad I was able to get this for myself and my daughter we both enjoy it so much. It is a nice bird bath and feeder and a fun way to watch the rain flow like a waterfall of nature.
I was given this product free to make an honest and unbiased review.

Love it!!img_0892


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