Product Review – AVANTEK DT52 Wireless #Doorbell Kit with 2 Chimes

AVANTEK DT52 Wireless #Doorbell Kit with 2 Chimes available at

The wireless doorbell kit comes with three pieces: Two wall boxes and the doorbell itself. This is very easy to install you simply put the strip on the backside of the doorbell and press about 15 seconds or so on your outside wall. If you want a more permanent installation you can use the small screwdriver and screws the kit comes with to install. This requires no batteries and come with a 12 warranty which is just icing on the cake. Next step plug you wall boxes in to different parts of the house and choose your setting. This doorbell is unique because unlike your traditional doorbell this doorbell comes with over 50 different ring tones and four volume levels. This doorbell also has a small compartment on the bottom where you can possibly store a tiny item. it is where the small clear case is shown in my photos. This doorbell is also water proof so you have no worries about it shorting out when storms hit. I was thankful for this item because my doorbell had went out and if I was in the back of my house cleaning or something and someone knocks or a package delivery I would not know because I could not hear a knock. Now I can hear the doorbell loudly and clearly anywhere I am at. I have had no issues at all sense I have been using this item.
I did receive this item for free in exchange for my unbiased review. I review these items with the same objectivity I use when reviewing full priced purchases.



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