Product Review – BriaUSA Multi-Purpose Velvet Suit HangersPurple 10

BriaUSA Multi-Purpose Velvet Suit #PurpleHangers 10 available at

I am completely against wire coat hangers! Sometimes though, the plastic ones get on my nerves!!!! Everything is always sliding and falling off of the hanger, and they are bulky. I had tried some from Wal-Mart that were similar to this and found that they were somewhat flimsy. These are are perfect for what I need. My tank tops and dresses stay perfectly in place and the velvety material keep the silky shirts from sliding all over the hanger. If I happen to be in a hurry and pull the shirt off, there is no worry that they will snag on the shoulders or get bent out of shape. Definitely ordering more of these.

*I received this product free or heavily discounted. However, receiving this item free or discounted has not swayed my opinion of the product in any way. I review each product according to the directions for use and determine its dependability and usefulness accordingly. My opinions of this product are strictly my own and not based on any other reviewer or seller influence.*



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