Product Review – #VRBOX 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses

#VRBOX 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses available at
TL;DR Great product, minor flaws but they are probably only in some cases. 8/10 recommend

Right from the start I like what I saw. The box that the product came in was a nice minimalist white box that didn’t try to distract from what was inside. Upon opening the box I was greatly surprised. The headset has a nice sleek look. Definitely better than a lot of the VR sets out there.
A great and unique feature is that you slide the phone in instead of opening a door and popping it in. The part that secures the phone in really makes you feel confident that once the phone is in, it won’t be moving. A second great feature is that the front panel of the headset slides open which allows you to take pictures, especially panoramic pictures in VR apps. This is very important and a feature that I don’t understand how it’s missing in other headsets. Another great feature is that it has adjusters for the pupil distance and the screen distance. Surprisingly this is missing in other headsets so this having it a great thing. The remote that came with it is like a wii nunchuck. It fits comfortably in hand and once you get used to it, it becomes a nice little accessory especially since this doesn’t come with a magnetic trigger, the remote is a better alternative in my opinion since i can do the same thing as the trigger but my hand doesn’t have to be up touching the headset. Also the setup is pretty simple.

Cons: The plastic piece that holds all the straps and goes on the back of the head is a bit stiffer that I’d like but I feel it could get softer with more use. Another con is that the padding is not resistant enough/not thick enough that I can feel the plastic headset through it, also with the shallowness of the headset my nose presses a little against the groove that makes room for the nose. But that is just me and my facial features.

Overall this is a great option and alternative for a VR box to use with google cardboard and other VR apps. It’s sturdy and looks sleek and with the remote as an accessory this becomes a good package deal. and a step up to the google cardboard option,

I will be transparent in letting you know that I did receive this product for free to review but that in no way influenced my review and all that I have written on here as this is my honest review of the VR headset,



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