Product Review – #WaistTrimmerBelt

Waist Trimmer Belt from NeoProMedical available at
I got this NeoProMedical Waist Trimmer Belt hopeful that it would perhaps “form” my body a little bit like it was 20 years ago 🙂 I thought if nothing else; it might give me some support for my back since I’ve been having so many problems with it. I didn’t put a lot of hope into it.

Thankfully, I was very pleasantly surprised. I wear my belt for a lot of my day; roughly 10 hours I’d say. I don’t even realize I’m wearing it after the intial putting it on “snug” and moving around. I do pull it pretty tight at first as it seems to me that’s the only way it could fight back against my chub-a-lub and having a winning battle! I’ve not had to loosen it yet. Like I said; I go about my day and forget it’s on. I am up and down a lot since my injured back only allows me to stand or walk for maybe 15 to 20 mins at a time. I put it over my tank top and under my shirt. That probably helps with the comfort.

It’s made a difference that I can actually see beginning the 1st day. I’ve always had the “boyish” body so not a lot of waist. This is helping. It does make you sweat underneath it, but you don’t know it until you are taking it off. I’m sure that is one of the ways it works is the water coming out, but I’m good with however it works as long as it does. I wouldn’t say it’s a drastic difference, but there is a definite change. I think it would be even more if I could exercise while wearing the belt.

My jeans are fitting better because I’m starting to get a waist. That’s been my problem forever and I think this may be the trick to fixing that. I will continue to wear it, drink plenty of fluids and when I can exercise again; do that too. The support it gives my back has been helpful as well.

The final results remain to be seen, but so far so good!

I received the NeoProMedical Waist Trimmer Belt for a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Make it a great day. It’s up to you!!





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