#EyebrowTweezers – 3 Tips Premium Stainless Steel Tweezers Set available at

This tweezer set is great!! The tweezers all work really well; I don’t have any trouble with them grabbing onto my eyebrow hairs and it makes plucking my eyebrows super easy and fast. The tips of these are all different and they probably have different uses for each one-i haven’t figured that out though. These are probably the best tweezers I’ve ever owned. I know it sounds like I’m trying to hype up this product but I was shocked at how fast I was able to pluck my thick eyebrows with these. Most tweezers I’ve owned in the past I had to grab at the individual hairs a few times before the tweezers would actually get them. Not the case with babies! I’m very happy with my purchase and if I ever manage to lose all of these (which is possible with me) I will definitely be purchasing this tweezer set again! I did receive these tweezers at a reduced rate for my honest/unbiased review. I would still pay full price for the set!



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