Product Review – #GOPRO – Soft Digits 46-In-1 Accessories for GoPro Hero 4/3/2/1

What can I say, this bundle has everything and then some. I needed some accessories for my #GoPro and I am glad I found this one. It has a ton of stuff with it. Too much to list or even go into. Overall the amount of accessories and the quality seems to be really good. I have used quite a few of these since my initial purchase and it’s all held up really well.

The hard/padded case itself is too small to hold everything, so look to something else if you want to lug all this gear around. I just use my Burton backpack to carry it all in. The case does offer nice protection from bumps and maybe small drops. It’s in no way crush proof, so I will say a fall from over 10ft could do some damage to your GoPro.

The accessories are plenty. Tons and tons of stuff with this. I’ve used the chest rig, selfie pole, wrist strap, head strap, window suction mount, roll bar mount, hand float already while filming my 2 year old outside playing, swimming and driving his power wheels jeep. All of its held up really well. All the clamps work well. Overall I’m happy with it. Saved me a ton of cash over buying OEM parts.

This #gopro bundle is available from

I received a sample for my honest, objective review.



Product Review – #THORKEY

The leather is what makes this very nice. The rod for the keys fit most of my keys. I did need to drill out the hole of one but it was no big deal. The rubber o-rings in between each key helps all the keys stay snug and tucked in their place until needed. The quality and aesthetics of all pieces is where this key holder shines in value.  If I could make one change to the design, I would make the heads of the screw rods hexagonal but still rounded slightly to retain the elegance. This way I could be sure that the rod is tight enough. I couldn’t get it very tight using just a flat head screwdriver because the other side is smooth and round. So I used a pair of pliers to hold it in place while I tightened the other side. …this resulted is scratching the head and my thorough frustration. Brass hardware could also make for a nice option.

Though I did have some frustration and minor elementary repairs, I would still recommend this to anyone and everyone. It is beautiful and of very high quality. The price is very reasonable and it functions perfectly.

This #Thorkey is available from

I received this at no cost to thoroughly test and provide my honest opinion. Your thoughts and experience may vary from that of my own, of course.


Product Review – #Makeupbrushes

The brushed came in a stylish black pouch perfect for traveling. Each individual brush was wrapped.  The brushes themselves are soft and so far I have yet to have any issues with bristles falling out while using them (which is a huge frustration with a lot of brushes). They are well made and look lovely. I actually really like that the company provides a few photos on here showing what each brush is used for because I’ve only been using most makeup brushes for about two years and there are still some I have never used or seen before. I previously had just used the basic brushes (eyeshadow and blush). It’s a really nice set, although I took off a star mainly because these come in zip bag packaging and not in any travel case. If you put your brushes in a container on your vanity or dresser, then that won’t make a difference, however, I know some still like to have cases for their brushes if you keep them in a drawer or need to travel with them.

These brushes are high quality, did not fall out after washing. I recommend to let them air out so the plastic smell goes away and then cleaning them and air drying prior to first use. This is a wonderful set and a must have.

These makeup brushes available from

I received this at no cost to thoroughly test and provide my honest opinion. Your thoughts and experience may vary from that of my own, of course.

Product Review – #coziadesign Multipurpose Premium Balaclava Bundle

Multipurpose Premium Balaclava Bundle

Now I see why this item is so highly rated. I’ve had several balaclavas and face masks before, and this one is clearly better. Although It fits my large size head without feeling tight, it is stretch material and should fit a much smaller person well. It fits very well in my chest jacket pocket. It is surprisingly warm considering its light weight. The design for the integrated face mask section is clever and creates two layers of fabric over the ears.I like it that the mask stays in place where I put it, over the nose, just below the nose, or pulled down below the chin. So far I have machine washed and dried it once, on medium, and I see no changes in size or color.

The MaxPro Balaclava Ski Mask keeps me warm, I’m very sensitive to the cold.
Shields me from the wind, this is a must for me!
It looks nice, although I do get looks from people. I wear it while driving and walking around, I don’t Ski.
It has a mouth area for breathing, it helps but not really enough.Cons:
Glasses wearer beware! This will force your breath up and fog up your glasses. I have to take mine off. If I keep my glasses on, I find breathing out with more force keeps my glasses from fogging up as much. This leads to my throat hurting and I eventually either have to freeze or take my glasses off.
I received this for free in exchange for my honest review. The views expressed are my own.

Product Review – #flytrap Highly Effective Sticky Aphid White Paper

#flytrap Highly Effective Sticky Aphid White Paper

Definitely recommend for the back yard garden and house plants

This really work as advertised. It trapped many flies after one day.

The item comes with 20 sheets and 20 ties. The yellow color attracts the bugs and they really have a great adhesive and VERY sticky on both sides, so try not to touch the sticky part.

We can use one side first until it is all gross then peel the other side, lay the paper on the dirty side to get double use. I also recommend to cut these into small strips for insects in hydroponic gardening or indoor plants.

DISCLOSURE*** I received this item for free to give an honest and unbiased review.

Product Review – #drybag Summates Patio Chair Cover,Highback,tan (28.5″L 25.5″W 26″H)

Summates Patio Chair Cover,Highback,tan (28.5″L 25.5″W 26″H)

Perfect heavy-duty cover at a great price. We paid a decent amount for our outdoor set-up and while it is Sunbrella (which should hold up to weather and UV better than most) I didn’t want to take a chance with it breaking down faster than it had to. I’ve ordered 5 of these covers in various shapes (two chaises, one couch, one chair and one umbrella) and I’ve noticed that each time they were slightly larger (maybe 1″ to 2″) than described which worked out great for me because all of our pieces were just a smidge over-sized and covers that were supposed to fit them based on measurements were always WAY to big and I wanted a tighter fit so as to avoid the wind blowing it around.

Quality wise they’re thick and heavy and more often than not the weight of them (and the snugness of the fit) keep them on the furniture in heavy winds so much so that I’ve seen the wind blow my chaise lounges across the deck but the covers don’t go anywhere! They’re also light enough to handle on your own (I’ve covered/uncovered them many times by myself) and they (all 5 covers I have) fold down flat enough to fit in a 17.3″ W x 17.3″ D x 20.7″ H storage ottoman.

We both work 9-5’s so the furniture is covered Sunday night to Friday night/Saturday morning and after about 7 weeks on an inland east facing San Diego deck (meaning our space gets direct sun from sunrise to about 3 or 4 in the afternoon regardless of season) the covers are just started to fade on the diagonal top parts of them. Said fading does not appear to be coupled with a weakening or brittle’ing in the fabric so I’m not concerned. We’ve had them thru 4 major rains (2016 has been the year for El Nino) countless heavy dews (some that start even at night) and water really does just roll off. To help keep them dry and dry faster we also put an ottoman cushion in the middle on the couch and end tables on top of our chaise lounges before covering so that we have a slope that avoids water from polling and weighting down

My intention is to update this review at the end of our season (typically TX weather promotes being outside; even at night all the way thru October!) with pictures so that anyone on the fence about them knows what to expect.

All in all for the price I couldn’t be happier and would repurchase them even if they don’t last thru the year because I’m that happy with them and I feel that even if I have to replace them year after year it’s worth it

Product Review – #BambooWorx Sushi making kit 4 piece combo

These bamboo mats showed up at 7:55 pm, guaranteed to arrive by 8 pm via Amazon Prime. I told the delivery person – you have SAVED sushi night! And he did. Pretty great value for two bamboo mats. I really like the flat edge rather than the round – it seems to get less rice stuck in between the slats and keeps a good area for pressing the roll against. They are also very smooth – can’t imagine any splinters on these things.

I think I will buy 2 more because it’s nice to be able to have a few people making rolls at once. Have not had these very long, so we will see how they hold up against time.

To all the folks saying they are on the small side – I don’t claim to be any kind of sushi expert, but they are a typical size for a sushi mat, and are plenty big enough for a typical sushi roll.

#BambooWorx Sushi making kit 4 piece combo available from

I received this for free in exchange for my honest review. The views expressed are my own.

Product Review – #oakleaf 18W 5000K LED PAR38 Flood Light Bulb,1 pack

All that needs to be said is “WOW”. If you want to really light up an area, this is it. I had never used an led bulb in a ceiling light before and when I turned this on I was floored. I expected it to be bright (based on led flashlights I have) but this was truly amazing. It arrived on time, was packaged well, and had no other shipping issues. I was a bit skeptical about a bulb being shipped (expecting broken glass in box) but it was perfect.

The bulb is heavy duty and, although I am using it “indoors”, it clearly is made to be used “outside” as well. The glass is thick and spreads the, already bright light, across a wide range. The fact it’s an led bulb (longer life and uses less energy) is a huge bonus.

Having read the other reviews I was interested to see if it lived up to all the incredible reviews. I must now say, all the great things said under the other reviews are more than fair and truthful. No worries about padded reviews on this thing…it is what everyone says it is.

Quality: Very High. Extremely bright, solid unit, thick glass, works without issue,.
Value: Extremely High. The price point definitely makes it a great way to try one if you haven’t in the past.
Pros: Extremely bright, heavy duty enough for any location
Cons: None.

Buy again?: ABSOLUTELY (and will).

This #oakleaf 18W 5000K LED PAR38 Flood Light Bulb,1 pack More than “Makes The Cut” available from

To be fair, I want to let readers know that I did receive this bracelet at a discount in exchange for the promise of a fair and honest review…which this is.

Product Review – 15000mAh #SolarCharger

This is one of those things that you don’t really NEED but is awesome to have. I decided to purchase this solar portable phone charger at a reduced rate in exchange for an honest review even though I already have two other non-solar chargers that work perfectly.

First off, you should consider this a 15000 mAh capacity battery pack, with a solar panel attached for some extra free juice. If you’re going to be using this charger daily, the solar charging will not be fast enough to satisfy your needs, however if you’re going to be using this as a backup power source on the go, it will be perfect. Cheaper in the long run as well, and you can feel good about harnessing renewable energy!!

For a 15000 mAh capacity battery + solar charger, this particular product is sleek, minimalistic, and feels good in the hand. The charger feels plastic-y but it’s a sturdy and high quality plastic (I actually already dropped it once and it came out with no injuries). The included carabiner is also really nice and doesn’t feel cheap at all.

I really like that it comes with an included LED flashlight, which is about as bright as your cell-phone’s flashlight. That, combined with the solar capability makes it perfect to keep in your car (be careful because overheating will cause the cell to expand and cause damage) or take along on a hiking/camping trip. Makes you feel safer that you’ll always have some juice handy in case of emergency.

For now, I am keeping the pack in my windowsill and using it to charge my phone at night. After a week of use and only solar charging, the battery pack remains at around 75% charge constantly, although the sun in California is very nice at the time. So basically, I’m charging my phone to 100% for free every night. I’m a sucker for renewable energy. 🙂

One thing I have a gripe with is that like all other portable battery packs, I have to plug in my device and then hit the power button on the pack to initiate charging. I really wish it could detect the device and just start charging. Somebody make this happen for me.

Overall, extremely happy with my purchase and I feel good to be making the step to rely on more solar powered devices. Will be making this my primary on-the-go power source!

This 15000mAh #SolarCharger available from

I received this for free in exchange for my honest review. The views expressed are my own.

Product Review – Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

thermometergun – Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer available at

It’s fun to see the temperature of everything around you. It works as it should. Just pull the trigger and read the numbers.


• Pretty accurate within a degree or two
• Simple way to satisfy your curiosity of how hot something might be
• Excellent price point (even comes with the battery!)
• Great build quality, seems like it’ll last a long time


• make sure you read the directions to get an accurate temp reading, obviously distance makes a huge difference


This is one of those purchases that I made because I was interested in measuring couple different items around the house. The first thing I want to know was how hot the air was blowing out of my vents, then I moved on to my water temperature, and also trying to get a gauge of the temperature around my windows and sliding doors. Actually, I couldn’t believe some of the “cold spots “in my home. This gave me an idea of where to insulate for the winter to ensure my heat was most efficient. I can imagine countless things you could do with this unit… I think it’ll also be useful to measure temperatures for cooking purposes, hot water for a bath, manifold temp on a boat or car etc…. Everything worked hundred percent from the time I open the box and popped the included battery in. So I would definitely recommend this and give it five stars. I hope this helps you make your decision.

If my review was helpful to you, would you please vote, yes. I try to do my reviews honest with the pros and cons I can see myself in a product.#thermometergun