Product Review – Ultra Slim Bifold Leather #Wallet

Ultra Slim Bifold Leather # available at

Amazing! The BEST front pocket wallet I have ever purchased my husband. I had purchased another brand that was described as “Ultra Slim” so Not true.  This Agog Mens Ultra Slim is amazing. High quality leather. Well made. The pull tabs ate the best design I have ever seen. Just a simple pull and the cards all pull out so you can EASILY grab the card you wanted.

This wallet replaced a Fossil slim front pocket model. I can say that the Union is at least only a third as thick as the Fossil. SOOOO much thinner. So much easier to get to the cards – no fighting the construction of the wallet – no more cards stuck in the seams.
I hate to say that the 1st wallet we purchased was a Levis Ultra Slim. BEWARE there is nothing slim about the Levi ft pocket ultra slim.  Please note these wallets were all purchased for the ability to carry all credit cards AND cash.

In this case as with many, you get what you pay for. The wallet may be a little more pricey than you want to spend BUT spend it, the other reviews give this a long term use. Not a few months. We will see. But as I said the leather quality, the construction, the amazing way the mfg has this wallet folding PERFECT in half, I have a really good feeling about this product.

Buy it if you have several credit cards, your ID, your insurance card PLUS cold hard cash. My husband had 23 bills he placed in the money clip. And as I said less than 1/3 the depth of his old Fossil wallet. The Levi ultra slim was not even close.  So if you can get this in your budget buy it – well worth the price vs the aggregation a wallet!

I received this product complimentary or at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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