Product Review – 15000mAh #SolarCharger

This is one of those things that you don’t really NEED but is awesome to have. I decided to purchase this solar portable phone charger at a reduced rate in exchange for an honest review even though I already have two other non-solar chargers that work perfectly.

First off, you should consider this a 15000 mAh capacity battery pack, with a solar panel attached for some extra free juice. If you’re going to be using this charger daily, the solar charging will not be fast enough to satisfy your needs, however if you’re going to be using this as a backup power source on the go, it will be perfect. Cheaper in the long run as well, and you can feel good about harnessing renewable energy!!

For a 15000 mAh capacity battery + solar charger, this particular product is sleek, minimalistic, and feels good in the hand. The charger feels plastic-y but it’s a sturdy and high quality plastic (I actually already dropped it once and it came out with no injuries). The included carabiner is also really nice and doesn’t feel cheap at all.

I really like that it comes with an included LED flashlight, which is about as bright as your cell-phone’s flashlight. That, combined with the solar capability makes it perfect to keep in your car (be careful because overheating will cause the cell to expand and cause damage) or take along on a hiking/camping trip. Makes you feel safer that you’ll always have some juice handy in case of emergency.

For now, I am keeping the pack in my windowsill and using it to charge my phone at night. After a week of use and only solar charging, the battery pack remains at around 75% charge constantly, although the sun in California is very nice at the time. So basically, I’m charging my phone to 100% for free every night. I’m a sucker for renewable energy. 🙂

One thing I have a gripe with is that like all other portable battery packs, I have to plug in my device and then hit the power button on the pack to initiate charging. I really wish it could detect the device and just start charging. Somebody make this happen for me.

Overall, extremely happy with my purchase and I feel good to be making the step to rely on more solar powered devices. Will be making this my primary on-the-go power source!

This 15000mAh #SolarCharger available from

I received this for free in exchange for my honest review. The views expressed are my own.


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