Product Review – #coziadesign Multipurpose Premium Balaclava Bundle

Multipurpose Premium Balaclava Bundle

Now I see why this item is so highly rated. I’ve had several balaclavas and face masks before, and this one is clearly better. Although It fits my large size head without feeling tight, it is stretch material and should fit a much smaller person well. It fits very well in my chest jacket pocket. It is surprisingly warm considering its light weight. The design for the integrated face mask section is clever and creates two layers of fabric over the ears.I like it that the mask stays in place where I put it, over the nose, just below the nose, or pulled down below the chin. So far I have machine washed and dried it once, on medium, and I see no changes in size or color.

The MaxPro Balaclava Ski Mask keeps me warm, I’m very sensitive to the cold.
Shields me from the wind, this is a must for me!
It looks nice, although I do get looks from people. I wear it while driving and walking around, I don’t Ski.
It has a mouth area for breathing, it helps but not really enough.Cons:
Glasses wearer beware! This will force your breath up and fog up your glasses. I have to take mine off. If I keep my glasses on, I find breathing out with more force keeps my glasses from fogging up as much. This leads to my throat hurting and I eventually either have to freeze or take my glasses off.
I received this for free in exchange for my honest review. The views expressed are my own.


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