Product Review – #drybag Summates Patio Chair Cover,Highback,tan (28.5″L 25.5″W 26″H)

Summates Patio Chair Cover,Highback,tan (28.5″L 25.5″W 26″H)

Perfect heavy-duty cover at a great price. We paid a decent amount for our outdoor set-up and while it is Sunbrella (which should hold up to weather and UV better than most) I didn’t want to take a chance with it breaking down faster than it had to. I’ve ordered 5 of these covers in various shapes (two chaises, one couch, one chair and one umbrella) and I’ve noticed that each time they were slightly larger (maybe 1″ to 2″) than described which worked out great for me because all of our pieces were just a smidge over-sized and covers that were supposed to fit them based on measurements were always WAY to big and I wanted a tighter fit so as to avoid the wind blowing it around.

Quality wise they’re thick and heavy and more often than not the weight of them (and the snugness of the fit) keep them on the furniture in heavy winds so much so that I’ve seen the wind blow my chaise lounges across the deck but the covers don’t go anywhere! They’re also light enough to handle on your own (I’ve covered/uncovered them many times by myself) and they (all 5 covers I have) fold down flat enough to fit in a 17.3″ W x 17.3″ D x 20.7″ H storage ottoman.

We both work 9-5’s so the furniture is covered Sunday night to Friday night/Saturday morning and after about 7 weeks on an inland east facing San Diego deck (meaning our space gets direct sun from sunrise to about 3 or 4 in the afternoon regardless of season) the covers are just started to fade on the diagonal top parts of them. Said fading does not appear to be coupled with a weakening or brittle’ing in the fabric so I’m not concerned. We’ve had them thru 4 major rains (2016 has been the year for El Nino) countless heavy dews (some that start even at night) and water really does just roll off. To help keep them dry and dry faster we also put an ottoman cushion in the middle on the couch and end tables on top of our chaise lounges before covering so that we have a slope that avoids water from polling and weighting down

My intention is to update this review at the end of our season (typically TX weather promotes being outside; even at night all the way thru October!) with pictures so that anyone on the fence about them knows what to expect.

All in all for the price I couldn’t be happier and would repurchase them even if they don’t last thru the year because I’m that happy with them and I feel that even if I have to replace them year after year it’s worth it


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