Product Review – #oakleaf 18W 5000K LED PAR38 Flood Light Bulb,1 pack

All that needs to be said is “WOW”. If you want to really light up an area, this is it. I had never used an led bulb in a ceiling light before and when I turned this on I was floored. I expected it to be bright (based on led flashlights I have) but this was truly amazing. It arrived on time, was packaged well, and had no other shipping issues. I was a bit skeptical about a bulb being shipped (expecting broken glass in box) but it was perfect.

The bulb is heavy duty and, although I am using it “indoors”, it clearly is made to be used “outside” as well. The glass is thick and spreads the, already bright light, across a wide range. The fact it’s an led bulb (longer life and uses less energy) is a huge bonus.

Having read the other reviews I was interested to see if it lived up to all the incredible reviews. I must now say, all the great things said under the other reviews are more than fair and truthful. No worries about padded reviews on this thing…it is what everyone says it is.

Quality: Very High. Extremely bright, solid unit, thick glass, works without issue,.
Value: Extremely High. The price point definitely makes it a great way to try one if you haven’t in the past.
Pros: Extremely bright, heavy duty enough for any location
Cons: None.

Buy again?: ABSOLUTELY (and will).

This #oakleaf 18W 5000K LED PAR38 Flood Light Bulb,1 pack More than “Makes The Cut” available from

To be fair, I want to let readers know that I did receive this bracelet at a discount in exchange for the promise of a fair and honest review…which this is.


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