Product Review – #THORKEY

The leather is what makes this very nice. The rod for the keys fit most of my keys. I did need to drill out the hole of one but it was no big deal. The rubber o-rings in between each key helps all the keys stay snug and tucked in their place until needed. The quality and aesthetics of all pieces is where this key holder shines in value.  If I could make one change to the design, I would make the heads of the screw rods hexagonal but still rounded slightly to retain the elegance. This way I could be sure that the rod is tight enough. I couldn’t get it very tight using just a flat head screwdriver because the other side is smooth and round. So I used a pair of pliers to hold it in place while I tightened the other side. …this resulted is scratching the head and my thorough frustration. Brass hardware could also make for a nice option.

Though I did have some frustration and minor elementary repairs, I would still recommend this to anyone and everyone. It is beautiful and of very high quality. The price is very reasonable and it functions perfectly.

This #Thorkey is available from

I received this at no cost to thoroughly test and provide my honest opinion. Your thoughts and experience may vary from that of my own, of course.



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