Product Review – Bluetooth Wireless LightWeight Earphones

The #AYLBluetoothEarphone is available from Amazon at

A well designed Bluetooth headset from a manufacturer who obviously cares about the customer experience, they’re compact and snap together to securely hang around one’s neck and have a quality feel about them.

They threw in an almost obscene amount of earbud tips, both in the “wing” style as wall as the more traditional earbuds with multiple sizes each, as well as a third party pack in from Comply-I ended up using this one not that their own were bad by any means and with the right fit they hang securely in my ears even while running despite the extra weight and length.
Also included are 4 plastic pieces that were not mentioned anywhere in the documentation or other reviews that I thought were some kind of weights at first and will mention later-as well as a zippered case and micro USB cable for charging.

Audio quality is average which is acceptable for the price, I would consider buying a premium model should they ever make one though to eke out a little better quality through the Bluetooth standard but these are more than suitable to typical on the go listening.
Battery life is decent enough for the form factor, you’re obviously sacrificing space for a battery in this form though some reviewers seem to expect the same battery life you get from those bulky behind the ear models or ones that rest at the base of your neck.
Comes with the standard speaking prompts when powered on and off declaring the connection status and battery life, though the voice sounds a little curt to me but that’s hardly a real issue.

My only two complaints are not worth knocking any stars off as one can be negated and the other is a general problem in the industry. First I much prefer a physical on/off switch opposed to the press and hold method for power as it lets you know at a glance or feel if the device is on or off…but that’s a common design flaw on the market and I understand that there might have not been enoguh physical space on the tiny control module for a moving switch-so I can’t knock this product for that.
Then the length of the cord I immediately thought was two long and found that it caused the earbuds to dangle too far down my chest and swing around when moving. I was about to grab a few zip ties and fix it myself when I remembered those random plastic pieces and notices that they snap perfectly onto the cable. I’m still not sure if I am using them for their intended purpose but after much trial and error I managed to wrap the cord around itself using two of the pieces and balance the “knot” with the control module on the other side, they even have one rounded side each so that the cable will not be crimped at a sharp angle. Getting the right amount of cable tied back and in the right position took a lot of playing around with but I finally have a neat solution to the extra long cable as can be seen in the picture, not sure if that’s how they designed it or not but it serves the purpose well.

I would highly recommend these to anyone else in the market for this form factor, especially at the current price and even the slightly higher price before the drop. I will also keep this manufacturer in mind should I ever need a replacement or am looking for an upgrade.

*I received this product for free in exchange for a fair/unbiased/honest review of the product.


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