Product Review – #Fungawash – Antifugal Body Wash with Tea Tree Oil


Therapeutic Soap Tea Tree Oil made by The Pure Co.:

– The soap smells amazing. It left the skin with a very fresh clean smell that was appealing to the user and those around him. The bathroom even smelled good after it was used in the shower.
– The soap, when used in conjunction with a hot shower, works as a sinus alleviator. We have a family of asthma and allergy sufferers, the soap, when it was used in the hot shower, permeated the air and actually helped with the stuffy noses we have in the house.
– The soap left the skin feeling well moisturized and clean. It did not dry out skin in fact it seemed to add and seal in moisture.
– The soap stopped the itching of the sunburn and soothed the skin.
– The soap made the feet that were itching and tired feel refreshed and I quote, “This soap is amazing on my feet, I just want to put my feet in a tub of hot water and this soap for hours.” He said it revitalized his feet and made them feel better than new! (Ironically the website lists this soap can be used for a foot bath by mixing a capful of the soap and a hot tub of water to soak feet for 5-10 minutes)
– He said his whole body felt better after using this soap. It made him feel refreshed and like he had gotten a spa like shower experience.
– I am a BIG fan on all of my food and personal hygiene products being made of things I can pronounce and know what they are. This soap is amazing because it is compromised of all ingredients I know but amazingly all ones I can pronounce and feel like are good things to put on your skin.
– The soap leaves the skin moisturized and locks in moisture. All of the natural oils really help treat any kind of dry trouble spots on your body.
– It has no ingredients that contain GLUTEN so it makes this GLUTEN FREE and an safe product for my Celiac Disease child to use.

– The soap is EXTREMELY thin. So if you don’t read that it doesn’t use added bulking agents (which is a good thing, just bad if you don’t know it ahead of time) so you are in danger of overusing, thus wasting the product. So just remember it comes out of the top fast with no flow regulator and you don’t need a lot of it. (I did note that when I used it if I didn’t open the top of the soap cap all the way that it came out at a manageable speed so I didn’t waste any.)

Overall, this soap really is a must have, especially for anyone who likes to have a revitalizing natural soap that really leaves you feeling moisturized. I know my family will be using this soap for a long time to come.

Antifugal Body Wash with Tea Tree Oil is available from amazon at

*I received this product for free in exchange for a fair/unbiased/honest review of the product.


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