Product Review – #saganofresh – Charcoal Teeth Powder with Cinnamon by Sagano

#saganofresh Charcoal Teeth Powder with Cinnamon available at

I haven’t used a lot of whitening products. In fact only one, some type of white strips years ago and I didn’t even use all of them because I wasn’t 100% sure how good they were for my teeth. Activated charcoal, on the other hand, I had no qualms about using it. I am familiar with the two  ingredients – yes, two ingredients – in this container and they are all natural and completely non-toxic. This is the perfect safe and natural teeth-whitening product in my opinion.

Does it work? Well, my teenage boy and I both used this for a couple of weeks, and we both saw results. My boy started using it a few days before me being that he had just gotten his braces off and wanted something to use to help brighten his new smile up. The first thing he noticed was how clean it made his mouth feel. Then when I used it for the first time, I thought the same thing. It definitely leaves your mouth looking like a black mess in the process, but once rinsed away, nothing was left but a very clean and smooth feeling mouth. At the end of our couple week’s trial, we both noticed that it had done what it said it would: our teeth were all a little whiter and brighter, in addition to having a cleaner feeling mouth.

Because it is a powder, you might expect it to be gritty, I know I did. However, it was not one bit. Once it touched my teeth, I felt not a single bit of grittiness whatsoever, and I didn’t even feel I had to floss after using.

My only complaint: it’s messy. I kept the container on a plate while using to make it easy to keep the charcoal bits off of the counter when we would put it onto our toothbrushes. Because of this, I would also recommend using it while brushing your teeth OVER the sink. Should you get some on the counter, it does clean up fine, so no worries there. Also, the container says it has a cinnamon flavor. I didn’t notice this at all. It had more of an earthy taste in my opinion, but I wasn’t put off by it one bit – neither was my boy.

As much as you use at each brushing, this stuff seems like it will last for awhile. With two of us using it for about two weeks straight, we barely put a dent in it. I am very happy with this EcoPure Essentials Charcoal Powder and my boy and I will continuing to use this on a regular basis.
*I was sent this product at a promotional rate for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own and are 100% truthful.


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