Product Review – #LEDSolarRopeLightsDaylightWhite

Solar Powered was my inspiration. These are well made and a neat design. The copper wire has a nice look to it when in daylight so rather than a tacky thick green or white wire you have a copper thin wire that is almost invisible and adds some elegance. My goal was to wrap around a privet tree in my back yard off my porch. Small piece of advice; uncoil the lights first don’t just pull, uncoil as they are copper and have a tendency to fold rather than uncoil. I was able to go around the tree about 5 times. So I’m buying another set!
The lights have a nice mellow glow. This color is exactly what I wanted. It has two settings blink or steady on. I didn’t think I would like the blink but now after running them I like the blink best! Go figure. The first day they died a little early because they didn’t get enough sun. I have never seen them die since! I wake up and they are off, it’s magic lol. These are auto on past dusk SO If you are going to have a early party just at dusk place a piece of painters tape over the panel and you won’t be disappointed!
Truth be told I enjoy these lights and I am ordering another set. I did get these at a discount for putting in the time to review them honestly. All my reviews are real and sometimes less favorable I only review items I intend to use. If you find this helpful please let me know. If you have any question please ask!
Have a well lit anything anywhere you have sun!
Available from Amazon at


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