Product Review – #KulatonPencilSharpeners & Bonus Electric Eraser

I received the #KulatonPencilSharpeners for my honest and unbiased review. Was worry about this as it runs off of batteries. I loaded it up with 4 Duracell AA’s and grabbed a dozen new pencils and went to town. I am thoroughly impressed. This does a better job then the plug in one I have at home. I took this to work as I am always needed pencils for exams takers coming into the building. I will be using this at the beginning of the school year to sharpen all of my sons pencils. Not only does it do a fantastic job it does it very quickly. I was able to sharpen a dozen brand new pencils in less than two minutes and they were all to a fine point and beautifully sharpened. This is definitely gets a A++ in my books and I highly recommend it as it is more powerful then the electrical cord powered one and since there is no cord is highly transportable. The shavings chamber held the shavings for all 12 pencils and probably could have held another half a dozen. The cover came off easily and I like the fact that the opening is cut out so there is an outer rim to help keep the shavings in until you turn it upside down in the garbage. The battery cover on the bottom was a little tricky to get once i put the batteries on as the back of the cover did not want to go on all the way but a little persuasion and it went on fine.

#KulatonPencilSharpeners available at

Good sharpener, fast and quie


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