Product Review – Apple MFi Certified Lightning USB Cable

#AppleMFiCertified8pinlightningusbcable available at

The cable itself is smooth, thin plastic coating. It’s not grippy, so it can be pocketed pretty easily. On the flip side, if your hands are a little sweaty, they’ll slip. The wire holds the bend shape from packaging, but it’s not “stiff”. I can wrap it around my hand pretty easily, and it doesn’t go haywire too much if I set it on my desk coiled up.

The ends are hard plastic with rubber strain relief. Tugging at the cable from the end feels secure. There is no slippage of the cable, outer insulation, connector, etc with moderately strong pulls. I still wouldn’t want to walk away with one end in my computer, and the other end in my pocket. However, I would have no qualms about pulling the cable vs the connector for convenience.

* Well constructed
* Simple yet effective packaging
* The cable ends are fairly compact
* Pricing half and warranty same as Apple.

It’s working great for me– Love the speed of charging, love the length.

* Complimentary Product Received for Testing and Unbiased Review *



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