Product Review – #Hosesplitter

In The summertime  I need several water hoses to water my flower gardens so I don’t have to drag the hose back and forth. I keep one hose pulled around the front of the house and like to keep one hose around the back of the house. This Hose Splitter is perfect allowing me to have 2 hoses connected at the same time. I am really enjoying the on/off valves and like being able to turn on just one hose at the moment or both hoses if I need them at the same time.

The Homitt Metal Garden Hose Splitter is very well made and durable. The splitter is 3 1/2 inches long and 3 3/4 inches wide. It screws onto any 3/4 inch spigot which is the common size for most hose couplings. The splitter is made out of zinc alloy and is coated with rubberized material that is easy to grip.

To use the splitter, make sure the O ring, that is included, is inserted into the splitter and then screw it onto your spigot. Now you are ready to connect your hose. You can connect two hoses or leave one empty so you can allow water to run from it as needed. The splitter has an on and off knob for each side of the splitter.

The splitter is able to turn 360 degrees, so if your faucet is set in a tight place, you can rotate the splitter to help your hoses fit better. The splitter does not leak, I have even turned the water on full blast with both faucets in the closed position so it would build up pressure on the splitter and it still doesn’t leak.

I am very happy with this splitter especially since it is not made out of cheap plastic that a lot of splitters are made out of these days.

I received a free sample of this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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