Product Review – #Sunwukin – IPhone SE 5S 5 Waterproof dropproof case

Great little case, does it’s job, not too hard to put on and take off. I change my cases often and this is one that is definitely the summer wardrobe for my phone. I am all about the otter box, it was the first thing I ever had on my phone and it was 2 years before I decided to change it out for something else. my phone was pristine underneath. This works in the same way. enjoy!

I am reviewing this item at reduced cost or free in exchange for my unbiased opinion, I love giving reviews and getting really fantastic items!! . I see quick reviews all the time and I was concerned about ordering things without honest reviews. SO I found a great site and joined them to make Amazon a better shopping experience.

With that being said, there have been instances when an Item I have reviewed favorably has failed me after my review…. and I will always come back in and make it known. If you find this review helpful, please give it a thumbs up! Go Ahead!




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