Product Review – #Sunwukin – Waterproof dropproof case iPhone 6/6s Plus 5.5

I really love this case from #Sunwukin so far. I was a little skeptical at first since I’ve only used the Lifeproof  and Otter box cases on my iPhones until now. This case actually looks and feels much sturdier than the brand name which is awesome. I did the water test before putting my iPhone in the case and no water was noted to leak inside. I wasn’t sure how the rubber stopper type ports for the headphone jack and charge port would hold up but they kept their seal as promised. I actually prefer this to the other options (usually a screw type thing for the headphone port and a little door for the charge port), but I was always so worried about those pieces falling off of the case somehow. With this case that just can’t happen, and it makes the case smaller. Another bonus: case is slightly smaller than brand name options! Woohoo! It still has great drop protection and a raised front “edge” for screen protection without all the extra bulk. Color is great and the added headphone adapter and wrist strap really make this the only case you will ever need for your phone. I did find it a little odd that they made the front of the case white where the phone is instead of just leaving it clear… I have a black iPhone so it looks kinda odd but not enough to not use the case. I received this item at a discount for my honest review



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