Product Review – Egg Tray Fridge Storage Box

#eggboxes – Such a clever idea!! 

These really protect your eggs very well. It is well designed and made to fit the largest chicken eggs in the market. The closure is tight and stable. It is easy to clean once in a while, should you wish to. The plastic used is high quality and does not smell upon arrival.

I think this is no exception…it is just excellent. We use these at home and also when traveling on camping trips as it protects eggs well from road ride shocks.  I love this thing and don’t know why I didn’t spend the money on it sooner. It has plenty of room for even the largest eggs and is dishwasher safe in case of a “eggcident”… I would recommend this to anyone who goes through a lot of eggs, gets their own eggs (don’t ask me how…) or wants something safer to keep their eggs in. This egg holder is, in no better words, “Eggsactly” what I needed…

I received this item at a discount for my honest review.



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