Product Review – Kuuk Fridge Freezer Stackable Storage Boxes

#fridgeboxes – I like being organized and that includes the refrigerator. I have previously purchased clear bins to use in the fridge but because they were not specifically designed for the fridge they did not perform too well.  This is such a super idea. I’m for anything that makes my life much easier and this does just that.  I can gather all my ingredients and assemble everything from the refrigerator or pantry on this tray so I don’t have to keep making so many trips back and forth. This helps save me a lot of time.  I don’t know how I functioned before without it. Afterwards all I do is store this in the fridge or pantry and I can keep all the ingredients I use often like food for sandwiches or condiments all together for easy access. I just love that. This is made of good durable BPA free clear plastic. It can hold quite a few items. Matches the inside of my refrigerator great and looks just like it was purchased with it. This would match the inside of any refrigerator quite well. I love the built in handle which makes it very easy to push in or pull out. This also cleans very easy and you can wipe with a towel or put in dishwasher.

Overall I am very very pleased with this purchase. I plan to purchase some more storage drawers similar to this one to use for other items in my refrigerator and pantry as well. I did receive this item at a discounted rate for my honest and sincere opinion.



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