Product Review – Selfie Stick, HONG111, WIRED+FOLDABLE Mini Monopod

#selfiemonopod – This wired selfie stick (wired, not bluetooth) for use with family and friends when out and about. I tested it on an iPhone 6s (in an Otter box case).

Pros: Requires no batteries and no charging; works flawlessly ***w/ IOS devices***; instructions straightforward w/ pictures; sturdy device, solid rubberized non-slip handle; good feel on button click; handle has cinch-able lanyard; stick is stainless steel; extension action is tight (which it should be); phone holder is rubberized/spring-loaded, w/ a good grip—has built-in storage for 3.5 mm jack toner; phone holder base has locking mechanism that stops the head from swiveling easily

Cons:  after tightening locking mechanism on phone holder as much as possible, holder still swiveled slightly if pressure placed on the phone when mounted, not much, but still moved; holder head is large, will not likely fit in your pocket–I’ve seen other selfie sticks that will (enhanced portability comes at the price device being less sturdy, compared to this stick); wire for the 3.5mm jack is flimsy and feels like it could snap; 2nd ***the major one***.

Recommended Purchase?: For IOS, definitely (unless you want to fit this in your pocket, then, meh).  I tried it on a droid phone (Droid Turbo 1st Gen) from my friend, and it didn’t work at all.  The description mentioned that it will not work on all android phones.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for the company for whom I wrote this product review. However, I did receive the product at a discount in exchange for a truthful review, which I strove to offer here. Stars are not bought or sold–a product receives the stars I believe it deserves. I only offer reviews for items I personally use and test. Please know I did the best I could at the time I wrote this review. I always welcome both constructive feedback (to make future reviews better) and all questions related to this review (to make it better and help where I can). I will try to address both as time allows, within a reasonable period from the date I posted the review. I’m a family woman; so, my time isn’t always my own. Thanks for understanding.



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