Product Review – Car & Home Microfibre Duster by #AutoZiv

I just received the duster from #autoziv last week. First of all, I am very pleased with the quality of this product. It is very well made and strong. The extendable handle feels very strong and the non slip foam grip is very comfortable. When the handle is extended, there is absolutely no hint of wobble because of the construction of the shaft. Being an engineer, the design of the tube that makes up the sliding handle is the way you design something that will not bend or work loose over time. The tube has an oval shape and quite robust, it also has two guide groves, one on each side. If this extension mechanism ever loosens or bends, I will be very surprised. Also, when extending the handle, there is a certain amount of resistance that will not let the brush slide back accidentally when fully opened or fully closed. Don’t look for any buttons or levers to operate when extending or closing this handle because there are none. You just need to use a small amount of effort to open or close the duster by holding the brush part and pulling the handle to open and pushing the handle to close, it will slide smoothly into position. As far as the duster part is concerned, WOW! There is no room on the brush part to add more fibers, the brush is just packed with fibers and there is no room for any more. Though I only had this for one day, I am very impressed with its dusting ability. I have one car, one truck and an SUV to take care of and two of them are dark colors and show scratches or swirl marks very easily. Once dust, pollen or road grime lands on my vehicles, I never try to remove it until I can thoroughly wash that vehicle for fear of scratching the paint, that is until now. Normal dust or pollen is one thing to try and dust off but real road grime is something else and I would not use the duster for that but that is me. Dusting road grime, is something that everyone will have to decide on for themselves.

My test of the duster was simply to try it on the roof of my black truck which had an accumulation of four days of dust and pollen. I tried it on the roof first, just in case if it did scratch, no one would be able to see it but me because it is pretty high up. When I finished dusting the roof, I then examined the paint closely and could find any signs of swirl marks or fine scratches from removing the dust and pollen. I cleaned everything with this duster, windows, paint, plastic, chrome, interior seats, dash, console etc. and it worked perfectly. My wife had warned me that only the very best dusters will pick pick up the dirt rather than just move it around but this duster picked up everything and I did not use any pressure at all. I know that there are some people out there that would never use a duster on their vehicle “baby” but I had to do something. I am getting up in years now and I had to find a viable alternative to washing three vehicles about every four to five days, so I tried using a duster and I am glad I did. I picked this one our from all the dusters that I could find on the internet because of the overwhelming positive reviews and believe me, I compared a lot of dusters. I believe that most people tend to read the positive reviews which is OK but I first read all the negative reviews and then decide if they are accurate, then read the positive reviews.

Anyway, I was able to clean all three cars, inside and out in well under 10 minutes and I am pretty fussy with my vehicles but not crazy fussy. I then came into the house to get something to drink and I saw my wife with my duster cleaning the house. She told me that she really liked it and to get another one for her. She then said that most all of the dusters that she has tried, just pushed the dirt around or made little dust clouds and the ones that did pick up the dust you had to frequently go outside and shake them out, or clean them with a vacuum, except this one. I know that I am making a pretty bold statement of how good this duster is but I am pretty confident that you will feel the same way, I just wish that they made a smaller one also. I hope that this was of some help.

Disclaimer: I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own and I have in no way been paid for a good review. My review, my opinion and my experiences are honest and completely genuine. I take writing reviews seriously. I turn to reviews when making a decision on which products I want to purchase and I hope my review will help you in your decision on whether to purchase this product or not. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will answer them as best as I can.

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