Product Review – Coffee and Tea #Travelthermos Flask

I got this #travelthermos mug for my husband, for his ride to work in the morning. He takes a coffee every morning. My first impression was that it is nice and solid, and well insulated. He had concerns over the plastic lip that the lid snaps down onto to close it, but you don’t even notice it when drinking from the mug. I put water in it and did a “shake test”.  I had some water leaking around the seal, so I tightened it more and it was just stop dripping then.  12 ounces is ideal if you are drinking coffee and need to add creamer and sugar. I put hot chocolate in it, and it really did keep it warm for a while. The hole that your drink comes out of seems kind of small. Overall, it’s a decent mug. It does its job, and I didn’t have any leaks while drinking (after making sure the lid was tight).

Cons:  It’s not dishwasher safe.

If this review was helpful, I would appreciate if you clicked that it was. I received a discount for trying out this cup and giving my honest and unbiased review. Since it fit perfectly in my cup holder, was large enough for my pour, and looks good, 5 star all the way.


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