Product Review – Stainless Steel Water #thermos32 oz Flask

This is my absolute favorite #thermos32 thus far this is made perfect, strong, insulated, stainless, high quality thermos bottle.  This does as it says and more, I tested this out by putting ice and water in at 1pm the temperature that day was 82, I took off and this thermos was in the sun all day with me i drank all the water and ice was still there full to the rim, I had to keep adding water i left the ice in over night and to my amazement the ice had melted some but ice was still there the ice was there for over 24 hours, this has been the answer i have been looking for… for so long i drink only ice water and got tired of having to buy plastic bottles very few months to carry my ice water in. The color is beautiful the blue that has the gas colored look in the sun. my husband tried it with coffee and was amazed that coffee was still hot 24 hrs later this is better than the Stanley brand in my opinion. we are gonna have to buy another so he can have his own. I  would absolutely recommend to anyone that is looking for a well made item like this. the cap/ cover twist off for easy access and no fumbling with ice or sugar, you just have to click the button and it opens so you can drink from, it is real easy to clean, I received this product for free for my honest review and opinion i would give this more then 5 stars but only had 5 to choose from.

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