Product Review – Naturalico Shiatsu Neck&Shoulder Massager

This Naturalico #ShistsuMassager Neck&Shoulder Massager available at

I recently ordered this and my husband and I have been using it for almost a week, I wanted to be able to leave a fair review, not just based on one use. Our UPS delivery guy left our box in the rain, not taking the time to leave a plastic bag over it like in the past, so the box was thoroughly soaked, thank goodness the contents inside were wrapped in plastic or this probably would have been ruined. Right out of the box this looked and felt much more solid and expensive looking than I expected. Looks like leather, but I don’t think it is. I liked that it came charged, and that the charging cord is detachable so that definitely gives you more freedom. It doesn’t have lot of modes/buttons; on/off, reverse the direction of massager, and heat on/off. I have to say we both found that it does really give a great massage. And you are able to maneuver it around to massage that area that needs it. I personally have fibromyalgia and my neck ALWAYS hurts, ALWAYS. This massager was AMAZING for making my neck feel relieved, I really didn’t know what to expect, but as far as how well it massaged, I would give it 5 stars! It was a slow deep massage. My husband moved it around from his neck, his shoulders, his back, and he was really impressed too!
The reason I give it 4 stars…
I deducted a star because the heat, I didn’t notice any at all, just a red light?? So that is a non-existent advertised feature.
It only has one speed and one option to change the direction of the massagers. But I guess you could look at from this stand point, it does give a great massage and you would easily save the money from getting a massage elsewhere on this unit you could use over and over. Had the heat worked and maybe had a few other type of massaging features I would gladly pay the $50 asking price.



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