Product Review – NYB Anti Cellulite Massage Oil

#NewYorkBiology Anti Cellulite Massage Oil available at

I would say off the top…don’t get me wrong…I like the product…it is a very lite, thin, fast absorbing oil that is really good for message therapy. As for firming up the skin, I am not sure that this is or is not the case. I did not get any indication that the recipient’s skin had firmed up or that there was change as to the visibility of cellulose ….so on that front, only time will tell I imagine..but I cannot really come to grips with these claims being proved out.
I think that at the end of the day, you are buying this product because it is a luxurious, lite and comforting oil that has some amount of warming affect. The bottle is a generous portion and could last for probably 15 full body message sessions if used correctly. The packaging looks premium, it is made in USA, so jobs are created and you can really feel good about contributing to our home economy.
Here is the part that I don’t like…and it is subjective..but I wish that it had been mentioned. This product has a medium to strong citrus scent to it. Now in reading the ingredient, it does mention some amount of the oil is citrus based, but no where in the ad did it mention a scent.
I also have to say that i have used this on four people now (not including myself as I did not have an issue with it when I used it), and three of them have had allergic skin reactions from it and one had a scent based allergic reaction…so please make sure you test this product for scent and skin reactions before you dive in whole heartedly.

****I received this item for free or at a reduced price in exchange for my unbiased inspection, use, assessment and honest review. I take my obligation to offer a truthful evaluation of these products seriously and can be counted upon to issue a review that is both helpful and accurate….as if I had paid full price****



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