Product Review – Portable Big Bubbles Kit by BUBBLES

#promotion – This bubble wand is the best and truly amazing! Wow, did we get some larger than life bubbles with this bubble wand from Bubbles.

The kids freaked when they seen this. They both love bubbles. But these aren’t any bubbles. These are gigantic bubbles. It comes with a mix that is easy to do. Then I used a large container, like the one you get at the hospital, to put it all in to make it easy to get the largest bubbles possible.  We made bubbles they could have fit into. Even that I could fit into. The simple plastic and string is a great durable combination. After we were done, clean up was easy with the hose. Then we put them away to dry for next time.

Also, I didn’t give a good review just because the product was free or I received it at a deep discount; this is my honest review and experience. Also, the seller is not “rewarding” me by giving me something else for this review. If I didn’t like a product I will definitely state that in my review.



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