Product Review – #BeyondComfort Gel Insoles – Perfect for Any Shoes

#BeyondComfort Gel Insoles – Perfect for Any Shoes

These are very good orthotic insoles for the price, and are comparable in feel to what you might get in orthotic shoe. It really bugs me that most full-length insoles these days often cost more than an entire shoe! So at the price, these cannot be beat. They provide good arch support and some cupping for the heel. The felt top is soft and comfortable enough to use without socks. The big downside is the sizing – They were huge! I had to cut them down to fit into a size 10 shoe. I also felt they were a little wide. After getting them sized down, I lost some of the support.

It also comes with a bonus set of massaging gel insoles.

I received this item for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest an unbiased opinion. The purchase price in no way effects my consideration of the items quality. I have no obligation to leave a positive review and will always leave truthful feedback about my experiences. I often review products as a hobby and my reviews are my own honest reviews with absolutely no influence from the vendor or anyone else, which is why I am able to continue to review products.

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