Product Review – #BedTray table with folding legs

#Bedtray table with folding legs available from Amazon at

I eat dinner on the couch while watching TV. This has made is a lot easier to do so, especially with hot dishes. The legs stay up until you pull them down and don’t just dangle and get in your way like other trays I’ve read about. I find I need to put a throw pillow under the tray for more stability but I think that depends on how big one’s body is. I’m on the small side.

The reason for the four stars is that the finish on the tray looks and feel porous and easily stained. I am just guessing about that, but it’s not slick at all. I could put a finish on it for more protection but shouldn’t have to. It’s not that I want it to be slippery because I actually put a rubbery material (the kind you put under throw rugs) on it so my dishes will stay in place and hopefully not stain the tray.

All in all it is very handy and I am glad I purchased it.  I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review/opinion.


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