Product Review – First Secure 90 Piece Auto Emergency Roadside Kit

#FirstSecureAutoKit available from Amazon at

As the title stated, 90 piece Car Emergency Kit, it is more of vehicle emergency kit but will work nicely bug-out survival kit, too! You just need to make some adjustments by removing things for vehicle and then, add some more things. The quality of blue duffel is kind of cheaply made. With everything inside, there is still space left. You can either keep it that way or get a better bag if you want.

You might want to replace headlight, the light is not the best. You can do better with CREE flashlight. You get one glow stick but you might want extras, so be sure to buy one or two more in case the only one you have ever break and it could die down, rendering it useless.

The kit will cover 90% of your needs. Optionally, you just need to put in some on your own, such as change of clothes, a pair of shoes, personal hygiene items, etc. The kit is fantastic!

I received this at discount in exchange for my honest review.


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